Can you help me reply to this text message?

Long story short, I have a mean, disrespectful, manipulative, insecure cousin in law.

She is about 29 and I am 23 - been married for 1 year now (I know I’m crazy haha)

After stupid drama, and her treating me like dirt, but pretending to be all nice to my husband, he decided to talk to her without me knowing (so that I wouldn’t stop him) and said their conversation was “amazing” and “she had NOOOO clue she was so mean to me” and “wished he had or she had talked about this sooner”

We didn’t talk to her for 7-8 months because of her bullying.

Since my husband confronted her. She reached out to me a week later asking to “have a heart to heart”

I don’t trust her motives and responded saying

“thank you for reaching out. Life is going to be crazy before we go on vacation. Let’s see how things pan out. Hope all is well. Take care!”

She Responded with:

“If it’s alright with you, I’d much rather us talk things through and get stuff cleared up than keep piling misunderstandings for compounded hurts. I was very hurt to know I had hurt you and I’d love for us to have the chance to talk it out.”

She didn’t get the hint and I don’t trust her, especially when she manipulated everything and acted like she had no idea how mean she was....

How do I reply???

2 Answers

  • 3 years ago

    Obviously, she was sincere enough to APOLOGIZE.

    She wants to be peaceful with you.

    What do you want? Be peaceful, or continue to act like two little kids playing in the park.

    In that case, what would a grown up do? Be peaceful and bury the hatchet.

    " I was very hurt to know I had hurt you and I’d love for us to have the chance to talk it out.” "

    You've only been married 1 year, you've got FOREVER the rest of your life, I think you're being sensitive. Is it worth fighting over STUPID DRAMA?

    If you don't know WHAT TO SAY, you're not ready to be peaceful, and you want to continue fighting over stupid stuff!

  • 3 years ago

    Since when is 'hinting' an acceptable or effective form of communication?

    Be direct.

    Like an adult.

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