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I like this 19 yr old guy and he likes me and im 15 is that bad?

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    Potentially dangerous. Just liking is OK. You could like someone age 6 or 60.

    But, if his 'liking' is physical he could just want you for sex.

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    If you are a girl, no it’s not bad, it’s normal and natural human behaviour.

    If you are a boy, yes it’s bad, it means you’re mentally ill. Note: feces is NOT some kind of sexual lubricant.

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    At you're age, it's not acceptable. This is because for one I believe in most countries you would be below the age of consent. Furthermore, your levels of maturity are vastly different. The guy's just about to become an adult and is legally an adult while you are still going through puberty. Sure, he can find you physically attractive if you look mature, but that would be a bit socially unacceptable and it's also illegal if he were to try and do anything. As he can get into a lot of trouble, not to mention some backlash if people were to find out that he hooked up with a minor.

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    Bad for him if he tries anything remotely sexual and gets caught. Stick with your own age group and nobody goes to jail. Tell him that.

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