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"A lot of people DO" or "A lot of people DOES", which one is correct?

Imagine that I have a piece of land and I call it a lot. So I plant some apples in this lot, the apples grow, and then I eat them. Then I say "I ate a lot of apples"..

In this case wouldn't it be correct to say "A lot of apples is good" since lot is singular and I'm treating it as the main subject?

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  • 3 years ago
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    lot, as an allocation, is a different word/phrase from a lot=many. Many do, a lot do. A lot is a plot of land, or a lot is my portion of the take. Not the same things at all. You could, conceivably, have a lot of lots to sell in a new residential development.

  • 3 years ago

    A lot of people do. First person singular/plural: I/We do. Second person singular: He/she/it does. Second person plural: You do. Third person (always) plural: They do.

    A lot of land is not the same as a lot of apples. The first is singular, the second is collective, so in your example, it's 'A lot of apples are good.'

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    3 years ago

    "A lot of"- first of all, is considered too informal for formal, academic writing. But it is also one of a small group of quantifiers where the verb agrees with the object of the preposition "of"

    A lot of sugar is... (non count nouns take a singular verb)

    A lot of the boys are... (the verb agrees with the object of the preposition)

    it has nothing to do with a "lot" of land.

    There are other quantifiers that do this:

    Some of the sugar is... (non count noun)

    Some of the boys are...

  • 3 years ago

    A lot of land is empty. The noun "lot" in that sentence is singular. If you plant trees on it is no longer a lot, it is an orchard.

    If you eat a lot of apples grown on that ground, "lot" is a collective noun, and takes the plural verb

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  • Mike
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    3 years ago

    LOT is COLLECTIVE singular, and therefore takes the PLURAL VERB: a LOT of apples "ARE" good.

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