How Should I Deal With This Toxic Family Member?

Long story short, I have a cousin in law who has not respected or been kind towards me since I got married (1 year ago) to her younger cousin which we are both 23 and my husbands cousin is 29.

She has made it very clear she does not necessarily like me, whether she’s jealous, insecure, threatened, whatever. My husband and her are sort of like brother and sister.

My husband went and talked to this cousin a week ago, and afterwards she told him she felt awful and “had no clue” she had hurt me.

To spare you of details, and for lack of text space, trust me when I say, she is smart enough to know when she was being condescending, rude, and downright cold towards me.

Whenever my husband left he room, a different person came out.

Since my husband talked with her, she texted me asking to “have a heart to heart” I politely let her know “all is well, and thinks are pretty hectic here until we go on our vacation. But we’ll see you soon, hope all is well! Take care!”

She didn’t get the hint, and responded with “I’d rather meet in person and not let misunderstandings get compounded. It hurt knowing I hurt you and if you’d be willing to talk after your vacation let me know”

She has always been a spoiled young girl who ALWAYS got her way. And I’m about to blow up and tell her the blunt and honest truth. She is controlling, manipulative and turns things around.

What do I tell her? How do I handle this?

My husband thinks I’m too harsh....HELP!

2 Answers

  • 3 years ago

    Meet with her. If she starts any sentence the word “you”, then you’ll know she’s not sincere.

  • 3 years ago

    Ignore her and realize that she has issues.

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