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How do I explain to my 10 year old son that it’s illegal to marry siblings because his online friends exposed him to this?

My son saw an article about a man marrying his biological sister. He curiously asked what would happen if HE and my 16 year old daughter marries. I asked where he got the idea and he replied, the computer. His online gaming friend sent him links to this story. He won’t let this topic go, it will still occasionally come up. I don’t want to go into age-inappropriate content, but he’ll keep asking questions if we don’t eventually inform him.

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    3 years ago

    Hi, elementary school teacher here. I hate to say it but 10 which is 4th/5th grade most of the boys are already talking about sex. Girls have gone into middle school (6th grade) pregnant. So I would suggest having a talk about hormones, body changes, and yes, sex. You don’t have to go into great detail but I would highly suggest you talk upon the subject. You would be surprised what they think they already know...

    With that conversation you can bring up how babies are made. Again, you don’t have to go into great detail. My ten year old cousin actually asked me about this in reference to his cousin. I explained to him that when you make babies you need different DNA. If you are related that DNA gets copied funky and can result in the baby being deformed or mentally retarded. I usually don’t like using the word retarded but I couldn’t think of a word that would relay the meaning with having the proper impact.

    Hope that helps.

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