advice on ******* a rockstar/celebrity (not theoretically, this is actually happening?)?

hi-im 18, in the music industry.i go on tour with bands in the uk. was just on with a big band from the 80s.

now. i like an older man.the 80s band i toured with wanted me to hang in their dressing room all the time-i had a great time on that tour, nothing ever happened between any of the band members although it came close

i love the musicians and music and the guitars and i adore it all - i love my job.

there is another HUGE artist i am going on tour with soon.i was looking up the other band members besides the lead singer and guitarist.

turns out guitarist is cute so i followed his instagram, commented saying he was cute, and that i'd be doing his dressing rooms on the upcoming UK tour - he sees, follows me back, starts messaging me

"you're doing dressing rooms for the next tour?"i told him yes. he replies, he's excited now. i ask why. he says, i cant say - your boyfriend will get mad. i tell him i dont have a boyfriend -he flirts, tells me he cant stop looking at my feed. he gets kinky, dirty enough so that i know i cant pretend we never spoke about this when we meet. we are almost definately going to ****

which is cool. hes single

we have hotels for this tour. not the tour bus.

2 consecutive show days. a day off the another show day.

do i plan this meticulously?some people told me to wait until the last day to **** him.

first day ****-is it going to be awkward for the rest of the tour?

is it worth it for the thrill?

where would we ****?!

hotel? dressing room?

3 Answers

  • Pre-planning something like that sounds ridiculous and boring. You may find out the guy smells like elephant **** and you don't want to go near him. Or he's not single and he was just flirting and has no interest. Go with the flow. The only thing to pre-plan is to have condoms with you at all times.

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    You can hang and bang on the first day as long as you both promise to continue banging and not make it awkward after

  • 3 years ago

    I'm glad that your not my daughter. Just saying.

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