Why do so many Atheists call themselves Satanists and how do real Satanists feel about that?

I am talking about LaVeyan Satanists who claim they are atheists who use Satan as a label because its cool. I mean it might be neat if it were just teens who listen to metal music while lighting black candles in a dark room and summon Satan that would be fun.

But these Laveyans are adults in their 40s and 50s who say they are rational atheists who call themselves satanists because they like that it spooks people and because then they can do satanic rituals even though they do not believe in them.

Can someone explain the point of that? Are they just trolling? And how do Atheists feel about them being atheists who use the term satanists? And how do real Satanists feel about atheists using their label as if it is a joke?

I really want serious answers to these questions please?

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