Was this Sexual Harassment?

I had gone home with a really cute guy named James from a college bar, he was really nice and I was infatuated by how cute he was. We went home and started to hook up (have sex). Then he left me for a while in his bed while he went to hang out in his friend's room (within the apartment). I thought this was rude. So all of a sudden, him and his friend come into the room, where I am naked under the covers and the friend asks me if I wanted a threesome with him and James. I asked him to get out of the room because I was naked. He told me to shut up. He stayed there just facing the bed and I kept telling him I wanted him to leave the room because I was naked and uncomfortable with him being there (I don't know this guy from a hole in the wall). I literally hid under the covers. Finally he left and James acted like nothing happened. Was this a sexual violation of some form? How would you feel if this happened to a female you cared about?

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  • 3 years ago

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  • It really doesn't meet the standard of harassment or sexual assault. From what you describe, James is someone to avoid at all costs going forward. Threesomes aren't bad nor are they inappropriate (in the right circumstances they can be quite fulfilling), BUT only when everyone is consenting to having one. Trying to coerce or force you to do something you're clearly not comfortable with is wholly inappropriate. So run, don't walk from him and warn your female friends to avoid this guy.

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    No it’s not. People already told you hours ago that it’s not. They own that building, and you can’t hold a bedroom hostage and demand the people that own the building not come in. If you voluntarily took your clothes off and someone bursts in, then perhaps it’s time for you to dress yourself and leave.

    Are you going to continue asking this question until your vindictive angry little butt gets the answer that you want?

    Your fault for sleeping with a scumbag just bcuz he was hot and tall. Next time get to know a man before spreading your legs.

    You “sexually assaulted” yourself with your ignorant behavior

    And james was in on this, you stupid cow. Quit pretending that James was somehow a good guy just cuz he’s hot. James used you for the cheap toy two penny f*uck you allowed yourself to be and he wanted to use you as a sextoy just to impress his friend

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    No. It's called being a jerk on both of them. Next time do not go home with stranger guys. You are lucky this is all that happened. You could have been raped.

    "How would you feel if this happened to a female you cared about?" - I'd ask her why she was being stupid & going home with a complete stranger.

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