Is my heating system compatible with a smart thermostat?


I am currently looking into buying a smart thermostat (particularly an Ecobee). When looking at the wiring, I have questions of whether it would even be compatible. The thermostat in question does not have a C-wire but the Ecobee comes with a PEK.

I have a multi-zone system in which the C-wire goes to a zoning panel. The Zoning panel I have is below:

Is it compatible and if so, what do I do?

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  • User
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    3 years ago

    Smart thermostat heating system.

  • Mitch
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    3 years ago

    there should not be any problem using the ecobee in place of the main thermostat. the c wire is for thermostats that need the common side of the transformer the ecobee uses the current to keep itself powered up like many power stealing thermostats that dont need the c terminal. the old non electronic thermostats only used c if it had an indicator light to show operation.

    Source(s): 37 years in hvac
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