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Co workers making fun of me?

So I work in retail and I have a co worker who is.. let's say different. She dresses in crazy costumes to work. She also takes her job very very seriously and another thing she does is when we talk, she will switch the subject so randomly so it's hard to have a conversation with her.

Everybody at work talks about her behind her back and says mean things about her bc of the way she acts which makes me feel bad.

Well awhile she's been asking me to hang out with her. Like go to the mall or work out together. And I don't mind that but my co workers heard her asking me and now they all make fun of me saying "she's lesbian, I think she just wants to work out with you to see you exercise" or "if you hang out with her, she'll consider it a date"

So I avoided hanging out with and told her I had errands to run (which is true) and that another time would be good. But she wouldn't stop asking me so yesterday I agreed to meeting up at the mall. My co worker found out about this (I guess she told everyone we hung out) and now everyone is making fun of me saying "aww you two are so cute together"

I felt bad for her because she said she had no friends and I was just trying to do the right thing because I know how it feels to have no one to talk to or hang out with.

But today was so annoying that people kept bothering me with those comments. I have a boyfriend btw so I'm not lesbian (not that anything is wrong with that)

What should I do? Continue hanging out with her or just drop it?

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    You sound like a nice person. If you like her, hang out with her. If your coworkers tease you, just laugh along with them a little. They'll grow bored. They sound very immature.

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    It sounds more like she has ADHD rather than being a lesbian. Everyone wants to have friends.

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    i would keep hanging out with her, its the other people i would drop

  • sats
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    Mean nasty people make fun of others because it makes them feel better about their own pathetic life. They are bullies and will never find peace in this world. Ignore them and remember they are unhappy.

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    3 years ago

    go do you do what you want

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    This reads as if you are doing right by it. I would video record them harassing you if not her also, show them how you have it on video, tell them just how it is bullying, and if that don't stop it all, submit the video to the management for it.

    That women does sound like you are just the right thing for her, so go ahead and ignore those idiots.

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