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How Old Should A Leopard Gecko Be To Start Taming?

I’ve recently bought my first ever reptile, a juvenile leopard gecko around a month old. I’m still learning the basic, but she’s eating and drinking. She looks very healthy, still a bit skinny but we are working on that. I’m wondering how old they should be before handling them. I know babies are prob to dropping their tails more. Also, how can I get her to eat fully dusted crickets? She eats the slightly dusted ones but not the fully dusted ones. How should I hold/pick her up at first? I will need to clean her tank soon and I should probably know how to pick her up before too long.

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  • 3 years ago

    I personally think you should give her like a month the time to explore and get used to her new enclosure. There isn't really an age to tame a gecko. You just need to be very gentle and slow in your movements. At first, don't handle your gecko too much. It's very stressful for them. Begin with like 5 minutes of handling time each day. Make it longer over time and after a while she will get used to it. Never pick up your gecko like you would with a random object. "Scoop" her up. Put your flat hand under her head to make her crawl onto it.

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