Please help me with Physics!! It is angular momentum and rotational motion?

A merry go round has an I=319 and is spinning at 1.82 rad/sec with a 34.7 kg kid standing .500 m from the axis. The kid walks outward until he reaches 1.25 m from the axis. What is the new angular velocity of the system?

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    I will assume you mean

    I = 319 kg•m²

    To solve the problem we use conservation of angular momentum

    I₁ω₁ = I₂ω₂

    Assume the child to be a point mass with a moment of inertia of

    I = mr²

    (319 + 34.7(0.500²))1.82 = (319 + 34.7(1.25²))ω₂

    (327.675)1.82 = (373.21875)ω₂

    ω₂ = 1.5979...

    ω₂ = 1.60 rad/s

    when rounded to the three significant digits of the question numerals.

    I hope this helps.

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  • 3 years ago

    I=319 ?? what does this mean?

    define your terms please, and put in the units.

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