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Have I really kissed anyone yet?

Well other than my mom, a girl, my cousin and the girls sister blind folded me and the girl kissed me ( not my cousin or her sister) I kinda knew she was going to kiss me but does that count? ( I was 9 when that occurred, she was 9 too)

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    No. I don't count my first real kiss till I was 18. It was my husband. I had a boy kiss me when we were 5yrs old but I pushed him away. Another time when I was about 10 a boy kissed me while showing off in front of some other older kids, I picked him up and tossed him on the ground. When I was about 11 some friends & I played spin the bottle just for fun. We just gave the boys a quick peck on the lips. None of those were real kisses. So my first real kiss was my husband.

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    3 years ago

    does not count

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