Why is it that he hasn’t married me yet?

We been together 7 1/2 years we don’t have any children even tho our many attempts have failed . He says he wanna get married and how he wanna give me the wedding of my dreams but it’s like at this point it’s like it don’t even matter. I feel like I’m around fam and friends that’s eithe getting married and having children. Although Iam very happy for them it does makes me think well when will it happen for me? We’re looking to move within the next month and we haven’t even went n look at anything. His mother is in need of to b taken care of and to b honest I’m not up for it. My family call me selfish but I kno if we take on the role of caring for her I kno it’ll b over. It’s like he want her to live with us yet we’re not married. Idk I just wanna b happy. I feel like it shouldn’t take that long to married a women u say u love. Then I find that he lies to me about dumb ****. Now he had three tickets and he said he paid two of them. So he gets a letter about getting a boot and I’m like over one ticket?? I just so happen to look at the letter and apparently he didn’t pay those two tickets

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    typical female , wants to get married and doesn't much care who to , obviously he still has ( justifiably) doubts

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