How likely am I to get herpes from sharing a Blistex container?

Today my lip was extra dry and I really needed something to put on it I had asked one of my close friends if I could use her Blistex. (if you don't know what Blistex is search up a photo of it you should see a blue container that says Blistex and on the inside, a vaseline type substance is inside) after using it I looked at her lip I didn't realize she had a cold sore at the corner of her lip I was so scared but I didn't say anything. I was wondering how likely it is for me to get herpes from this Blistex container.

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  • You would only have a chance of getting oral herpes if you used the chap stick directly after some one with a cold sore or fever blister used it. You're more likely to get oral herpes by kissing some one on the mouth (or being kissed on your mouth by them), while or around the time they have a break out.

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    3 years ago

    Most people are exposed to herpes very early on in life and never have an out break. I mean just think of all the times family members have kissed you on the face or even lips? We all have that family member who likes to get you right on the lips. Or times you have tried someone elses drink after they sipped it. It's very common. I doubt you will get anything as you were exposed to it when you were little.

    Wisenightowl is correct though in not sharing other peoples lip products. It's just not a good idea.

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    This is exactly why you don't share products like Blistex or Chapstick. Herpes cold sores (as well as other bacteria) can transfer from person to person. So if her cold sore is from a recent outbreak, chances are that you've exposed your lips to whatever she has going on. Borrowing these items from even a close friend or relative is not ever a good idea. Stock up on your own products so that you don't have to be without.

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