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What should I do about this dream? they're coming true?

When my grandma died I dreamt of her starting on October 16th 2016(3 days after my birthday) multiple times telling me that I will meet the love of my life soon from the foreign city she used to visit all the time in Canada where she's from, and that we will be together in 2 years. 2nd day of university I was having the worst day ever and I meet a guy from the exact city, we clicked. And now the dreams I have about him come true, though he has a girlfriend? We still talk even though he moved but he's been taken for a few months. We're so alike, and a lot of the times we say what one of us was thinking or wanting to ask, before I knew where he was from we both looked at each other like we knew each other, it felt like extreme deja vu I've never experienced. Now I guess I'll be going to the city during the summer since my cousin is having a wedding thats an hour away from the city. Also I was having dreams of different places within the city I've never been to until winter 2017. The dreams are all so realistic, yet I feel so at calm in all of them. I've never felt so calm around this guy, in the dreams I had before I met him one of us was taken too for a few months but then the dream after that we were together it was strange. the dreams I have of us now they're progressing, the last two we both ran to each other and kissed, both afraid what to say before but decided to find each other again, before it was just us talking, or running into each other.

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    It is ur feelings about forth coming events which becomes true . It signifies ur wise brain to analyse ur affairs correctly even in dream

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