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What happens if you show babies porn? (Psychology)?

Not that I don't intend to try, I'm just really into psychology. Would the baby just see it as random images? Is it only at a certain age that feel scared or uneasy confusion? If it's continually shown, would it never bother them and just be seen as something normal like regular cartoons and not anything sexual or bad at all?

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    This is a very odd question.

    HOWEVER, I can remember some faint memories of bathing with my parents. I don't even think they know I remember, but I saw them naked... I was like 2 years old.

    Essential porn is made up of nudity, after all you can't exactly consider it porn without them being naked. Though sex acts are the difference between pure nudity and porn.

    If you're wondering what that did to me, well nothing. I'm 21 years old and I haven't had any kind of mental shock from it.

    Kids and babies don't view these images and videos as "Erotic" like adults do, kids who know what it is (however they figured it out) would probably consider it repulsive. Babies on the other hand aren't able to remember early childhood so in that sense it would be like showing your pet porn. They won't care or even remember it.

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    An infant or toddler wouldn't understand what they were looking at and would probably lose interest pretty quickly.Older children are curious about body parts, and sometimes what they see is mildly shocking, but not damaging (that is, multiple studies have shown that nudism at home does not harm children).

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    No idea. It's unethical so there will probably be little to no research on the subject.

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