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Riddle has wrong answer?

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The answer can only be .50!! A dollar more is singular, according to his poor explanation there is no other answer. "A dollar" by definition is $1!!

I am selling cups for .50 and for one more dollar (A DOLLAR- four quarters) you can have water. That is $1.50 total. End of story.

For the answer to be .25 it has to be worded differently.

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    Cup and water; $1.50. Again, The cup and the water are $1.50

    The water costs $1 more than the cup; c+(c+$1.00)= $1.50.

    2c+ $1.00=$1.50



    The cup costs 25 cents; the water costs $1.25.

    The total is $1.50.

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    no you are wrong - the water cost one dollar MORE THAN the cup, so 1.5-1=.5 .5/2=.25, you are hearing the water cost an additional dollar, what he is saying is a dollar MORE THAN the price of the cup (the price of the cup and another dollar), sorry but I got it right away and I did not read your whole question so I would make an independent answer, I got it before he did his whole you think and it is really speech

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