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Does anyone know this childrens book?

I forgot the book title and author, but the cover had a picture of a black and white cat; a real picture, not hand-drawn. I don't remember the plot clearly, but I believe it was about a kitten (named "Lost Paws" or "Little Paws" or something like that) who befriends a cat (and owl?) and who has to protect a scroll from other creatures, they might've been wolfs or some name that started with "g". If anyone has any idea what the book or author is, I'd appreciate it, I've been trying to figure it out with no luck so far.


I don't remember what was written on the scroll, though I think it got protected in the end. I believe it was written in American English. I don't remember the reading age, perhaps around 3rd grade or so since it was a smaller book, maybe around 100 pages or less. I don't remember much of the book, sorry if this isn't too helpful.

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    What was the "reading age" the author was aiming to interest? Was the language British or American English? What was written on the scroll?

  • Anonymous
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    Up aunt Bea's chimney

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