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short slightness when playing football?

i always played football without glasses however my eyes have -3.5 and -3.75 and i cant see anyones face from like a meter. I just finished playing for u16 but i saw my friends in school and know what they look like but now i have trials at a much bugger club and i need to impress the people. Its in two days so there is no chance of getting any sort of contact lenses and also i wont be able to see anyones face as there will be a game at the end and if there is no bibs then i will fully struggle. I cant wear glasses there as then i cant header the ball and they would fall of anyway. Any help?

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  • 3 years ago

    I played soccer/football for 10 years in school while wearing glasses.

    YOU can get elastic straps that go between the earpieces. That goes behind your head and holds the glasses securely onto your head.

    Something like this:

    Not sure where you would get them in a local shop, but some place must carry a similar accessory - perhaps a place that sells glasses.

  • 3 years ago

    You should have thought of contacts for playing sports long ago. It's a bit late now. There is really no other solution , especially in two days.

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