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Does anyone know where you can download free eBooks?

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    First, find your local library's website. You’ll need a library card. Libraries have improved in their selection of e-books and the ease of borrowing them. Some libraries have created a partnership with Amazon. You can’t borrow that many books at once, they are due sooner, and they have waiting lines, but you can still borrow some good free books. You might want to ask your librarian. Some libraries have partnerships with OverDrive. Hoopla is also available thru some public libraries. You can check with your library or with the OverDrive and Hoopla websites.

    If you have the patience to wade thru all the junk, BookBub has some great deals, too. You can subscribe to their newsletter and get updates delivered to your mailbox each week. Each week includes at least one free book and a bunch of books for under $2.

    Open Library is also a good place to get free ebooks. It's still a work in progress but it has a lot of good books. It's part of the Internet Archive project. Links in the sources.

    Project Gutenberg has a ton of books. They are books that have gone out of copyright. I think that makes them over 50 years old. Just think of all the classics you haven’t read yet.

    The Baen Free Library is mostly science fiction and fantasy. This publishing company was one of the first to adopt e-books as a viable business opportunity. What they do a lot is that if they have an author with like 20 books they will provide the first couple for free. Like a drug dealer, they hope to get you hooked. But on books.

    Barnes and Noble Free Nook Books have some books for free, too

    Amazon has a lending library and some free books. Also, Amazon Prime members can borrow even more books for free.

    Amazon Lending Library

    Amazon Free Books

    If you need to “convert” the free e-books you download. I suggest using the free open source software Calibre. Actually, its good to get anyway because it’s a good tool to manage your own library.

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    Here, I found this link on a forum. Hope it works for you:

    Enjoy :)

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    Your public library.

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    Online, you google 'read free ebooks'. The Gutenberg project has a ton of them.

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