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Have the religious leaders of today changed their perception of G‑d to fit what’s politically correct They will never say that God will?

protect people who follow their religious teachings from Natural Disasters, Car Crashes, etc Although their religious texts say this

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    The bible does not say believers are automatically protected from nature's forces. There are many Christian based universities where science is learned. There are also many Christian based charities and hospitals where science is applied. Why did Jesus heal many sick people instead of God just making everyone super healthy all the time? Jesus also intervened with a storm at sea. But what is the difference between natural disasters and natural diseases? Only the process on how they do the damage. So, are the people who do the charities and hard work do them only because they are pathetic and desperate to make their religion look good? Are they in violation of how faith should be performed? No. Jesus performed His acts of compassion to set an example of care for us to follow. Only He and His apostles are gifted to do miracles to prove God's presence. We are required to follow the good deeds by the "magic" of our own productivity. We live in a natural world and nature is in charge. Hard work makes us wise with nature.

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    Often it is evident that churches stray from what the Bible teaches to accept a more 'accepted' view of morality, life, the future, accountability etc. It takes real guts to stick with what the scriptures say in the face of so many opposing ideas and philosophies and permissive world.

    As for being save through natural disasters, car crashes... that isn't a scriptural teaching. Christians suffer the same as everyone else. What they have that enables them not to loose thir joy is that they have a real hope for the future of life under God's Kingdom when he puts everything back to the way it was in the beginning. The Bible does talk a lot about that.

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    They are all false followers of Jesus or God ( Allah ) .

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    its been said there are 50 thousand preachers that follow the one world government. so its not about politically correct things, its about false teachers being put into positions of leadership, intentionally to lead the sheep of God "astray"

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    Wait... you want someone to answer this for ALL religions and ALL leaders... all of them? I don't think there is a man, women, or child alive that can authoritatively answer this regarding ALL religions and ALL religious leaders.

    How do I know, for sure, what Pastor Ted says in Loveland TX regarding God and natural disasters?

    I think you accidentally made your question WAAAAYYY too broad. Seems like most answers would be an opinion, as I seriously doubt anyone on Yahoo! Answers seriously knows what every religious leaders preaches or teaches.

    So I think the most SENSIBLE answer would be -- 'some'

    Certainly "some" religions or leaders have changed their preaching/teaching on God to be more politically correct for their congregation/audience. -- sure, I can see that being probably true.

    But also, I'm sure many have also NOT done that and have NOT changed things in order to be politically correct and that is why many religions run counter-cultural (against the status-quo) in many Western cultures.

    Lastly, I'd imagine that there are many religions that have NEVER preached/taught that God saves believers from natural disasters and other tragedies.

    Certainly the ancient pagan religions prayed to their gods to AVOID natural disaster and pandemics, but very frequently failed to get their gods attention or gain his/her favor.

    Certainly, it has always been obvious to religious folks that 'bad things' still do happen to them -- so obviously faith in God or gods does not exempt you or your family from 'bad things' happening to you.

  • God never changes, man may think God will accept something because it has been accept by men in this ungodly system of things, but he won't. If God says said something was bad 4000 years ago, it's still bad today. God's people, true Christians, suffer the same things as everyone else. God protects his people as a whole, but individuals still suffer the same things in this world as everybody else.

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    gOd. How's that?

    Jee Dash Dee.

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    What religious texts say this? For Christians, the Bible does not say that.

    Ecclesiastes 9:11 time and unexpected events overtake them all.

    The claim that Satan made to God is that man will stop serving him if he doesn't protect them. He doesn't shield us from these things. See the account Job as an example.

    And Jehovah said to Satan: Job 2:3-7 “Have you taken note of my servant Job? There is no one like him on the earth. He is an upright man of integrity, fearing God and shunning what is bad. He is still holding firmly to his integrity, even though you try to incite me against him to destroy him for no reason.” But Satan answered Jehovah: “Skin for skin. A man will give everything that he has for his life. But, for a change, stretch out your hand and strike his bone and flesh, and he will surely curse you to your very face.” Then Jehovah said to Satan: “Look! He is in your hand.""

    God didn't even protect his own son, Jesus, from death and torture.

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