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How to make my running expirience a little bit better?

hey @ all the fitness people out there,

i have a few questions

Since i listen to music while running (as most of you do), how can i carry my phone w/o looking like an idiot? and, atm i cant really make offline playlists (+ my data is **** in these parts..I live in a very rural area)..anyone know a good alternative so my music wont cut out while I run?

sorry if im a dumbass, im pretty new to all this haha

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  • 3 years ago

    Most of the time I carry my phone on a run but you can also buy MP3 players for about $30 which clips onto your shorts/shirt and you won't have to carry it. However, this will require uploading songs to the device. You may also want to purchase an arm band or waistband to carry your phone when you run.

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