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Need Relationship advice!?

Here is a little background. I am a single mom, I have an 8 year old daughter. I work and go to nursing school. Ive been dating a guy for 6 months, and I spend everyother weekend with him when my daughter is gone, see him for lunch during the week, and invite him over to our house alot. I am beyond busy with school, work, and being a mom, so in my life this is the maximum amount of time I can spend with him. Recently he went on a camping trip (3 days) for easter weekend, and I could not go because I had to study. He told all of his friends and family there how I dont spend time with him and I had no idea he was feeling this way. I didnt know until the next weekend when his sister yelled at me saying she wasnt going have him wait around for me.. (when I was WITH them for an event). He said nothing about it even though he heard her say it. I told him later on that it really hurt my feeling because I am doing everything I can to see him, and he said he totally understands. A few days later he met his ex for coffee, and a few weeks later I found out he told her I am always busy as well. This is after he said he understood. Im concerned because I feel like he has brought this to everyones attention but me, yet he acts super happy and like everythings fine, yet hes telling everyone he never gets to see me?

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    Well it's true isn't it. It is not a complaint but a statement of fact.

    Ignore his sister as long as he is not complaining to you then ignore it.

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