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question about guy ??

well basically a dude he met me and then he said he doesnt wanna be my boyfriend just friends. then he started telling me im being needy and he canceled plams to meet up. he rescheduled for another day and canceled that too. we talked on the phone and he wanted to take me to his office party. he wasnt meeting up again and we got into a fight over text. he said i need constant interaction with him and im always mesaging him and begging to meet and it is needy. he also told me hes not gonna date me ever he only likes hot confident women to date. we fought a bit more and basically hes been telling me to do stuff and get more confident. he said he will stay in touch, doesnt expect to hear from me anymore, and he said i shouldnt text him he will reach out..he said " i will reach out when you are ready"

ready for what basically?i swear didnt do anything wrong but this guy he hurt me a lot. what shall i do now? to feel normal again? how can i push myself to talk to strangers when i want him but hes rejecting me so badly? who knows he might not even date me if i become hot, or become confident? seems like he really has a discrimination issue with me.

Im terrified.

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  • You are clingy. He's clearly telling you and showing you that he's not interested. The only thing he's doing wrong is interacting with you at all. He can't and nor can the readers on Yahoo understand why would you insist on being next to this guy when he's clearly telling you NO!

    Not everyone is going to like you. If everyone would like you then we'd all be friends in this world and that's just not a reality. Find someone who's interested in being friends with you.

    How can you get so hurt by one experience. It's not even an experience because you haven't had anything with this guy to have an experience. He said he's not interested so move on.

    Good luck. I"m not trying to be mean but... really?!?!?!

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    Forget about him. it's obviously not going to lead to anything. You and he are very obviously not good fits. What are you terrified of? There are plenty more fish, I'd throw that one far out into the pond and forget about him. If you can't, you do have a problem, but it is your problem. But if you think he is the guy for you, you are totally deluding yourself. And that is on you.

  • Laurie
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    3 years ago

    Why on earth do you care what he thinks?

    Move on.

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