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Why do people sit next to you at the slot machines at casino?

I've seen it in movies, even as a plot device, and I was at the slot machines for the first time killing time waiting for my friend that works at the casino.

It was almost empty, and I had no idea what I was doing, just put 2 bucks in and pressed a button over and over....but an old lady came and sat next to me and was almost leaning over me staring at my screen.

I left like a minute later, and she jumped right on the machine I was using.

Do they think it increases the chance of them winning or something? Does it? Is it a superstition thing or??

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    The chances of hitting a jackpot on a slot machine increase the more times you pull the lever, but that's only true BEFORE you start. As you start pulling that lever, the chances go down that you'll hit a jackpot by the end each time you pull the lever and don't win so that when you reach the very last time you pull the lever, your chances of winning are exactly what they would be if you only just sat down there with the intention of pulling the lever one time.

    So, yes, it's superstition, or it's a misunderstanding of mathematics and statistical probabilities, because when she sat down at that machine, the fact that you had just lost a bunch of times, two bucks worth, didn't increase her odds of winning one bit.

    Here's an example:

    You're about to roll a six-sided die three times. Your chances of rolling a one in those three times is 50%. But if you roll one time and don't get a one, your odds aren't 50% anymore. Since you've only got two rolls left, your odds drop to 30%. Now if again you don't roll a one, you no longer have a 30% chance of rolling a one, and definitely not a 50% chance, but only have about a 17% chance, exactly the same chance you would have of rolling a one if you hadn't rolled twice before and were only going to roll the die one time. It's the same with slot machines.

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    Sometimes, people are just lonely and want to sit next to another person.

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    A person may sit next to you at e slot machines for any number of reasons, including

    -The person wants to play the machine that happened to be next to you

    -The person wanted to play the machine you were playing if you got up

    -The person thought you were attractive

    The person wanted to compare the results on the two machines

    A person may move to the machine you just left for a number of reasons, including

    -The person may have thought it was a lucky machine because of previous wins on it

    -The machine had a higher progressive jackpot

    -The person was frustrated with the results they were seeing on the other machine

    -The person thought the machne was getting more good symbols than the other machine

    <<<Do they think it increases the chance of them winning or something?>>>

    Sometimes, but not always

    <<<Does it?>>>

    Usually not, but it is possible one machine is set to have a higher payout percetag

    <<<Is it a superstition thing or??>>>

    It is more likely that a person thinks there is a recognizable pattern in the results the machine is producing.

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    It has a probability of going off a certain amount of times, but it's a bit like betting on red on roulette after it's gone black three times. It can go one color about twenty times in a row, and it's pretty much guaranteed to lose the more you do it. That's how the odds work.

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