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Wtf is up with this Virgo girl?

We met online and in person a few days ago. We were talking for about 2 weeks and really hit it off, she was saying the cutest stuff to me, about how no one else holds her attention and For me ever since she came along I wanted no one else which NEVER happens. So anyway. Finally we met Saturday. I came all the way up to meet her, 2 hours away. We went to dinner , she offered to pay but I insisted cuz I don’t have a car so I felt like I had to prove I’m not a scrub. Anyway. After dinner we were supposed to go to the lake. But then she said she got a work call (she’s a social worker) that one of the kids went missing. So she literally dropped me off at the train station. I offered to wait for her but she told me she didn’t know how long it would be.. and she apologized but then after I asked her if she liked me and no response. She just completely stopped talking to me. The next day she was posting stories all over Snapchat- I looked at none of them- until I saw one of em was a pic of some chick in her bed. With the caption “sweet dreams PSA this isn’t my girlfriend.” Did she post that to make me or someone else jealous? Or is her ignoring me a clear indication that she ghosted me and I need to move on and stop embarrassing myself? I texted her last night at 3am and was like “hey how’d your work call go? Also I’m sorry if I came on a little strong I was kinda drunk”. She hasn’t read it yet and who knows if she’ll reply. Any advice is helpful . I’m an Aries

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    Yep sounds like she changed her mind, don't embarrass yourself, just move on. It sucks because who knows why she did it...but that doesn't change the end result. Right now she's the weirdo but if you can't move on then you'll be the weirdo, best to end it while you're ahead.

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    Why not date an American instead of a Virgo

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    fake astrology has nothing to do with you being drunk . I would have nothing to do with you to , clean up your act and get a life

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