Are commercial DNA tests accurate?

I'm Mexican. I've always been identified in Mexico as white. People in the US, including caucasian whites, asians, etc identify me as white. I look in the mirror and see white. Not caucasian white but like southern mediterranean white (Spaniard). I wouldn't look different in south spain, etc.

I have Mexican people who barely know English talk to me in English all the time thinking I'm white. I've had white people tell me I don't look for Mexico.

I know this sounds like "denial" but I have no other way to describe it. I'm very proud of being Mexican and we are all colors, but here in the US among every race and even Mexican Americans or Mexicans, Mexican = brown.

So anyways I do one of these tests, and comes back with 70pct native and 23pct european, which shocked me. I always knew I would be mixed but didn't expect that high native, since I don't look native or people identify me as looking native at all. And here is where nobody online listens to me, I ask at forums of these test companies and people always assume I'm a brown Mexican in denial and they just make fun of me.

So here I am very confused of having had an identity all my life and now these tests come back and tell me something else, and I start to question whether maybe I have pyschological issues and maybe I am in denial and lying to myself, but then look in the mirror and feel like how can I be?

So I researched on the web scientific articles and other articles and a lot say how mostly is just bs.


There are articles that even say that these companies are just scam/entertainment and not accurate. One article even mentioned how a person that worked there said how they would even make up results to make customers happy or that 1 out of 4 saliva samples weren't good and they just made up results.

So I'm confused, is this right? Are those things just scam? It has really fkd up my identity.

Update 2:

and I have no issue if I were brown or looked brown, but if only I looked and felt it matched the results.

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  • 3 years ago
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    Yes and no. The ones used for paternity tests are accurate.

    Those tests which tell you how many % of your DNA come from certain regions of the world are made up nonsense. Completely made up.

  • 3 years ago

    Yes they're accurate

  • 3 years ago

    Which DNA test did you take?

    There is one DNA test I've seen with a "Central American/South American" category, which doesn't mean native. The company uses mestizo reference samples, not Indigenous people from central and south america, meaning that category includes Iberian ancestry.. So someone who is a "castizo" would get a result like yours.

    Or you're simply a depigmented Indio, and people don't speak Spanish to you because they think you're really Asian.

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