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are americans of spaniards origins and spaniards readily accepted in usa?

I know that are the hispanos people of criollo spanish Heritage, chicanos from mexico, latinos ecc, puerto ricans, cubans and americans of puerto rico (puerto rico is an uncorporated country of us) and cubans ofamericans origins

My question is hispanophobia is against mexicans, only against mexicans? sorry for myenglish, I am going very well in english I used trasnlate


?: I am talking about North americans, citzen of us of spanish origins

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    If your talking about South American countries they are of Spanish and Portuguese descent mixed with natives hence why they are dark skinned. Now if your talking about white Americans they are mainly of german, Italian and Irish descent. So yeah America is filled with European mutts. Even African Americans are mixed with Europeans

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    I like Little Lupe Fuentes

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    3 years ago

    No, we're full

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