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difference between horizontal and lateral movement?

To my Understanding horizontal can mean left to right movement. Does lateral also mean left and right movement? or is it forward and backwards?

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    Horizontal means parallel to the horizon.

    If you are standing up and you walk left, right, forward or backward, you are moving horizontally.

    But if you climb up or down, you are instead moving *vertically*.

    Lateral means to the side. So in most cases it can be treated as a synonym, except it is sort of implied you *don't* mean forward or backward. It's to the side relative to your current direction of movement or the direction you are facing.

    For example, if you are driving a car and it starts skidding "laterally" that would mean to the side of its current motion. The current motion is forward, but you have the additional skid to the *side*. That's moving laterally.

    Instead if you speed up or slow down the car, you wouldn't call that lateral motion since it isn't moving to the side.

    Do you have any specific context where you need to know whether horizontal or lateral is more appropriate?

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    Lateral means north-south, east west, up and down. Horizontal means perpendicular to direction of gravity. The woed is related to Horizon.

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