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What liberal views does Obama disagree with?

So in our modern day, we no longer have strong liberals that agree with every view point. If we do, they don't do well politically. That said, where there any views that Obama was conservative on? If so, what were they?

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  • Universal healthcare, ending the drug war, ending the military industrial complex, public college, seriously, what liberal view DID Obama agree with? Gay marriage? Yeah, he came around to that when the polls flipped, not because he actually believed it. Obama was just Republican-lite, he even described himself as a "moderate Republican" and his healthcare plan was literally stolen from Mitt Romney.

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    obama was the most extreme left president this country has ever seen. The fact that left wingers on here would call him in any way moderate or even right wing just shows how the fringe, extreme left has become the new normal for the democrat party

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    Obama was basically a conservative hiding in progressive clothing. He campaigned from the left but governed from the right. He even said he considered himself to be a protege of Ronald Reagan, more so than any Democrat from history. When the history of these times are written, Obama's legacy won't be remembered so fondly by either the right or the left, and he will be acknowledged as the cause for the ascension of Trump.

    He didn't push for Medicare4All, hell he didn't even push for a Public Option in Obamacare. He didn't stand up for worker's rights. He didn't stand up for civil rights either. He had no strong opinions about anything it seems, but he certainly wasn't very enthusiastic about being a Democrat.

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    He believed America was the reason for the worlds troubles. I do not care about anything else sorry.

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    He should have stuck by public option insurance.

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