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Do you agree with psychologist, Michael Thompson, that in todays schools, boys are treated lime defective girls?

He stztes the gold standard in today's schools is girls and boys are expected to behave lime girls when that's just not in the nature of boys. Boys are rowdier, louder, more restless etc. Anyone denying that has...well never seen a boy.

Girls are more likely to go to college, go to law school, go to medical school, now earn MORE for the same work with the same experience.

Boys are more likely to be murdered, raped (yes, it's true), go to prison, commit suicide, suffer from depression...

However, our society still acts as though it is girls that need help and offers way more programs aimed at fostering girls whereas boys are at best ignored.

In the past, girls were definitely mistreated but like on every issue, when the leftist SJW feminists get control, they don't level the playing field, they run amok and demonize people, creating a new class of downtrodden. We haven't made the world more fair, we've just exchanged victims.

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