Was making out with a guy and it was ok at first until he got on top of me and started choking me.I didn’t tell him to stop Is this assault?

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    A lot of girls like light choking during sex. So if you were having consensual sex and he did light choking, that’s pretty normal. My wife likes it actually.

    If you wanted him to stop you should’ve said to stop. In fact you WOULD have.

    If you didn’t tell him to stop and it wasn’t violent choking that left bruising, then it’s kind of creepy you’d want to press charges on him later. You sound like a man eater, a predator who seeks to harm men

    But it’s partly his fault too. If a man lays down with a dog, he might get fleas. By hooking up with a trashy girl who sleeps with dudes on the first date, he was inviting crazy drama and trouble into his life. Even if he did nothing wrong, you’d probably find something to falsely accuse him of anyway.

    Source(s): I don’t abuse any women and my wife is very happy. We are currently scuba diving in the Florida Keys. She just got her advanced open water certification diving the Speigel Grove wreck with me, and I’m very proud of her. Taking a fun 2 week vacation and still making money during it too 😎 Anyway, you’re negative, only see things negatively, and you lash out at those closest to you. Other people do not feel safe around you, because you constantly seek attention even in negative or harmful ways. That’s why you’re alone
  • 3 years ago

    It is assault. You should report this guy, especially if you have the bruises to prove it. Also, how could you tell him to stop if he was choking you at the time?

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