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I really need to go to the doctor, but what should I tell my grandparents?

I’m 17 and live with both my grandparents and parents. I haven’t had a period since February. I looked it up, and I have almost all the symptoms for Premature Ovarian Failure (missed periods for at least 3 months is the leading sign). It explains everything wrong with me, including hot flashes, night sweats, and irritablity. I really need to go to the doctor, but I don’t want to tell my family I’ve been missing my period since February. They’ll assume I’m pregnant and they’ll get me in trouble, but I’m certain I have a disease. I can’t go to the doctor by myself because I don’t have a car. What do I do? What do I tell my family?

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    Tell your family that you need to see the doctor. You don't need to take it any further than that if you don't want to. Know that you can always ask to speak to the doctor on your own if you want to, and whatever you say to them will be kept strictly confidential, because the doctor doing so is a legal requirement. The only time that any member of staff who works in a doctor's surgery or a hospital - including if they're not medical staff e.g. a receptionist - can discuss different patients is if they have consent to do so.

    Also don't worry about them thinking that you're pregnant. There can be lots of causes of missed periods which have nothing to do with pregnancy, indeed including ovarian failure. Some other causes of missed periods include:-

    - strenuous exercise

    - PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)

    - stress

    - use of oral contraception pills.

    - sudden weight gain or weight loss

    Hope this helps.

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    Tell your family that you haven't been feeling well, and want to go to the doctor. They should know about your irritability, and your other symptoms other than the missed period, so tell them that you want the doctor to see you because of it.

    I seriously doubt that you have a condition as serious as premature ovarian failure, so many other things can be the cause of not having a period for an extended amount of time.

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    Simply tell them you aren't feeling well, and would like to go for a checkup.

    Once you are in there, you can go in yourself...

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    Use public transportation or get a ride from a friend if you are worried about telling them. You won't need their permission for an appointment or perscription for something like that, either.

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    be honest.

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