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I am 19 years old and My mom is controlling to the max. I am starting to consider suicide?

My mom is very controlling, emotionally abusive and very overprotective. She has been doing a lot of things to me.


Today my mom yelled at me because I wanted to go to church in this one jacket I like and she didn’t want me to wear that one so she forced me to put something else on. She also called that jacket ugly but she was the one who brought it for me months back. She yells and throws a fit just because I don’t want to wear what she wants me to wear and I’m 19 it’s so wrong in so many levels. She says it’s right because she is my mom so she has the right to tell me what to do. She also says I’m being difficult because I choose to wear something different than what she picks out. It’s my clothes that I have spent with my money I should be able to choose how I am going to wear it.She even threatens to physically hit me sometimes if I don’t wear what she picks. She has done a lot of other things that’s are controlling and emotionally abusive. It is getting really bad to the point that I want to self harm and I know I will commit suicide if I don’t get out soon. I always think about suicide and nothing makes me happy anymore and my bad flashbacks are getting to the best of me. I want to have housing benefits so I can leave but I can’t even go and get that because I don’t even know how to drive. At my campus we have no dorms there so that option is out for me.

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    What you need to realize is that, at 19, you are living with her by choice. This is very different than a minor who can't leave.

    Yes, you have obstacles, but everybody does to some extent. For example, if this is really getting to you to the point where your mental health and wellbeing is at stake, you don't HAVE to be going to college full time. This is why gap years were created. Have you ever looked at group homes near the college? This is a great way to escape. They're cheap, easy to get into, and fun. costs money to live in one and pay your own way. So figure out how to make this happen. If you can't drive, this sucks in one sense, but you're hardly the only one. Take mass transit.

    Also, think outside the box. Do you have any older relatives who would let you stay with them until you're on your feet? This doesn't have to be local. If it's as bad as you say, then your top goal needs to be to get away from her. And there are always more options than people realize, even if it means postponing school or going part time.

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    Ask at your school if there is a life skills class. IF not, ask at your local YMCA, or Dept. of Education or Mental Health Agency. There isn't really any reason why you can't move out, get a job, support yourself, and start to live a more self sufficient life except that you don't know how to (unless you are not legally in charge of yourself).... but the REALITY is that most people don't know how and spend years figuring it out.

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    maybe her hormones are making her act like that, and maybe you should move out so you dont have to deal with her

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    Scuicide is never the answer, itll only pass the pain into everyone who loves you. Talk to me on my insta @xxtove_j.d_kwamixx

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