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i don't know how to swim?

This is really embarassing for me. I am 14 yr. girl in high school. My dad constantly tried to teach me how to swim when I was young, but I was just really scared. Now, I am not scared of the water, I just do not know how to swim. I can get into the water and i can even go in the deep end as long as I have something to hold. Its just i don't know how to tread water and the whole swimming motion. People think I know how to swim and I even go into the pool at parties. I just don't go towards the deep end... Now its just I want to learn to swim. Its a necessary life skill that almost everyone knows how to do!

Is there any secret way to learn how to swim?? I don't have a pool so i can't invite an instructor to teach me. Any suggestions would be nice!!

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    Get into water that is not over your head, perhaps armpit high. stay near the edge of the pool. Practice ducking your head below the water, then standing. This will give you confidence.

    Then practice swimming along the edge of the pool. Any time that you feel anxious, you can always merely stand up. After some practice you will feel confident enough to swim away from the pool's edge and eventually into deep water.

    Don't try to learn it all at once. Take small steps.

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    I don't know how to swim but I'm planning to take some swimming lessons. Maybe that's the answer if your really afraid to swim.

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    You will not drown if you don’t freak out. At worst, you’ll sink to about your nose so you can tilt your head back to stay afloat.

    To swim, move your legslike a frog when it swims.

    You can also use your hand to make figure 8 to stay afloat (up and down not flat 8).

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    its quite difficult question

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