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Is my best friend straight or does she like me? Is there more than regular girl bffs?

My best friend and I are both females and we are 20. When we are alone we cuddle and she will put her hand on my stomach underneath my shirt or will hold my hand. She will lay on top of me and when we talk we will be close like nose to nose. She stares at my eyes and lips and we will kiss eachother but it's only a peck. I asked her what this means and she is straight and says she likes guys she just thinks I'm pretty and she likes my body. We dont do anything sexual besides a boob grab or she rubs my thighs and grabs my butt. She always says if she was gay we would be dating by now but she loves me so much. What does this mean?

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    She's bisexual and in denial. The next time she goes to kiss you, lay a solid kiss on her that last a few seconds and she how she responds. I get the feeling she won't try to stop you. If she was straight, then she wouldn't be grabbing your boobs and butt like that. I hope your doing the same thing to her and if your not, then start.

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