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Minecraft multiplayer when on different networks?

I’ve tried everything. Hamachi. Evolve. Even setting up a server using the files provided by Minecraft. Nothing works. No matter what I try, I can’t get my friend to join my world on Minecraft. This is getting really frustrating, and I’ve had enough. Is there any possible way I can get this to work. I am not paying for realms. In my opinion, it’s just a scam.

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    When attempting to go through Hamachi (which is a small pain within itself) or running your own Minecraft server (which is generally easier to operate)... did you do all the proper network troubleshooting here?

    More specifically, did you go into your router settings to forward outside connections to go to your computer? This is pretty critical for running your own Minecraft server since your router will typically reject any "unsolicited" connection requests (by "unsolicited", I mean that there's no initial outgoing connection requests from a program) from any system outside your network by default as it doesn't know WHICH SYSTEM the outside connection needs to reach (Is the connection for your computer? Your sibling's computer? Your parent's computer? Your freeloading next-door neighbor's computer? Your router DOESN'T KNOW unless you tell it ahead of time).

    If you don't know how to get into your router settings (much less port forwarding), you probably should either stick to public servers, get both of you on the same network (LAN) OR spend the money for a Realms subscription (You may consider it a scam, but at least Microsoft & Mojang know to set up the networking basics so you don't have to) until you have better knowledge of computer networking on the WAN level. In the event that you have somebody else managing your router, you may want to "suck up" to them for assistance.

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