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Scared to take pills ? Major phobia?

I have a horrible headache or migraine and cant get rid od it iv taken ibuphren many times before buti have a severe anaphalaxis and allergic reaction phobia i barely take meds i cant even take my meds for panic attacks and depression to due fear of anaphalaxis and or it effecting my heart throat or breathing. Im so scared rk try an ibuphren, last time i took one was in april will i be okay? I keep reading ppl can develop anaphalaxis to meds theyve had, if it makes any sense iv seen mu bros gf at our house having anaphalaxis and this is what sparked it, we had to call 911 and it was traumatizing

Will i honestly be okay taking it if iv taken it before ? :( i feel the same about tyelnol too

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    An anaphylactic response is quite rare with ibuprofen and acetaminophen(Tylenol). I understand your reluctance, but if you had no reaction previously, (no itching, hives or swelling) It's unlikely you will have any difficulty taking either now.

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    3 years ago

    I know the feeling, I got a viagra stuck in my throat and had a stiff neck for days.

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