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What is normal for dogs?

Me and my fiancé have a 10 month old husky. We normally bring her everywhere with us if we can. But the one place I don’t like to bring her is his parents house. Their dogs are always attacking ours. And I’ve noticed it’s because they have their dog toys out and when our dog runs by them they get possessive and territorial. I’ve said something to my fiancé about it and suggested we leave her home, but he won’t. Just today his parents dog got a stick out of the woods (which their dog loves sticks) and my dog ran past it and their dog full on attacked ours. No warning signs of growling or anything. To the point where she had my dogs arm in her mouth and was shaking her head back and forth. We broke it up, and our dogs mouth was bleeding a bit. And everyone was like that’s normal, don’t worry about it. I wanted to leave and bring our dog home but my fiancé wouldn’t. It makes me sick. I feel so bad for my dog. I just want to leave her home when we go to his parents and he just won’t. Am I being over the top about this? Is this actually normal to let them fight? Or am I justified for not wanting to take my dog there anymore?

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    Not normal to let them fight, hold your ground and go with your instincts, get your vets advice on this to back you up, ask if there are any pictures of ‘friendly dog squabbles’ where dogs have broken teeth (root canal and crown coat $3400.00) ruptured globes (popped eyeballs that have to be taken out). About $2500.00 for that surgery. Then there’s torn ears, punctures about the face and neck, ripped skin causing scars, lips torn off, tongue bit off, broken legs, missing digits, death. But ‘Awww, they’re just playin...... they don’t mean nothin by it..... they haven’t heart no dogs before.... this was s freak accident....’. How would boyfriend or family feel,if your pup bled to death after one of the matches for the stick or toy? Couldn’t get the pup into the vet in time.... well there’s always another pup you can buy.... they are not that expensive. Insurance might cover it.

    I used to have neighbors that were that insensitive. It took their dog removing a child’s thumb before they decided that roughhousing dogs that were loose wasn’t all that cool. Too late to undo the damage and emotional scarring but the dogs were leashed after that whenever anyone came over.

    Simply and politely tell your boyfriend you don’t want to risk your dog learning the aggressive nature that your parents dogs have over toys. You also don’t want to risk injury of the pup as he can become fearful'of other dogs snd distrusting caus8ng him to become s fear biter, they are the worst dogs to have sro7nd as they can lash out for little to no reason including children startling them. They have learned to solve things with teeth first, question second and that’s not the type of dog you want. Temperament has a lot to do with that but there’s also nurture and training, if you pup isn’t protected from the other two the. He will learn these bad manners or worse.

    If boyfriend refuses the next best thing you can do,p is keep pup leashed the whole time your there, simply explain you don’t want him picking up the resource guarding over toys, food or whatefer, the only way to prevent it is to leave him home or keep him on leash the whole time. Even when your eating it’s good practice for him on a down stay so you can take him to sidewalk cafes that accept behaved dogs. If they cannot understand then you need to bring a crate for him for safe keeping or stay home with him and refuse to go.

    I ran into the same issue with my ex’s family, they loved dogs but they were not trained, 125 pound mixes jumping up at you, knocking you down, raking your skin off, tearing your clothes, biting you (they said love nips but they bruised heavily or bled). I refused to take my dog there at any cost, once was a major mistake and I kept the dog under my legs the whole visit not letting him wander. They thought it was cruel but I could not afford several hundred dollar vet bills st the time. (Still can’t but it’s necessary when the dogs are sick)

    Don’t have a major fight over it, though it is a worthwhile discussion. Simply explain why you don’t want him in that environment or at least until he is matured and trained where he won’t pick up the habit. Maybe when he is an adult but not till then. That may appease boyfriend and he may agree on that point.

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    wow you may want to rethink marriage with this guy.

    Honey you don't have a dog issue, you have a FIANCE issue. He knows you don't like this and the solution is to leave the dog at home. He doesn't have respect for you and your wishes. It only gets worse from here. This is as good as it gets with him. Never mind the dog, you need to decide if you want to feel disrespected and submissive to him for the rest of your life. Because if you don't matter NOW, you sure as heck won't matter when REALLY important things happen.

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    It's everyone responsibility to keep their own dog safe from harm by whatever means necessary, decide who actually owns the dog, then it become that persons responsibility to keep it safe.

    If the dog belongs to your "fiancé", then it's your "fiancé" responsibility to keep it safe as well as speak to his parents if he so chooses. You have no choice in the matter. However, if you're the owner then act upon your rights as a responsible dog owner, doing whatever is necessary to keep Your dog safe from harm.

    Your "fiancé" will have to deal with his family, in whatever way he chooses, his family, their house, they're rules. You may just be one of many fiancés, and aren't a family member yet, so you can only discuss this with your "fiancé" whether he chooses to listen is up to him.

    Keep in mind should you decide to marry him, it may only get worse. Obviously he doesn't sound like someone willing to compromise. Then there are the kids to consider should you decide to have any..........

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    I also agree with everyone else and would insist that your dog is left at home. However, it isn't really their dogs fault either as most dogs feel territorial about their own homes unless other dogs coming in is a regular occurrence.

    It is definitely not worth your dog being injured over. This could also affect your dogs personality and tolerance to other dogs if it continues.

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    I agree with the best answer on this one. It’s not worth the risk. Stand up for your dogs.

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    Their dogs are territorial and your dog is technically an adult , so if they have not been around other dogs, their behavior is normal. I agree that you should leave your dog at home. If it were me I would request that you not bring your dog because of the effect on the other dogs.

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