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Why would girls give these looks?

This girl started laughing at my jokes and finding ways to talk to me. Found any way she could to start a conversation. Then she started getting red while talking to me and couldn't stand still hid her face not looking at me. Well she stares at me in class with her head raised and eyebrows lowered touching her face, her lips or biting her nails. While talking at the end of a conversation she's still staring into my eyes and smiling and when I look away she's still staring at me. I have cracked a joke and she sat there in silence staring into my eyes and when I look away she's still staring at me. She did it around her friends. One smiles looking at me. And when we have this eye contact her friend giggles uncomfortably.

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    she wants you badly

  • 3 years ago

    I’d say she probably likes you

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