How do I go about getting a lost title? Muscle car experts only.?

Need muscle car enthusiast opinions only because I mostly get people that have no idea about this stuff. I’ve been trying to get a good project for awhile and usually only find shitty early 60s or late 70s cars. I finally came across a 66 coronet, originally a 440. Mostly complete except for no engine. It’s a major steal for the price they’re asking but the only problem is that the car has no title. It’s so cheap that’s it’s worth buying without it but I’m not lookin for a drag car, I’m only buying if I can get a titleS If I were to buy, what are the steps I needed to take to obtain a title? Or is it even possible?

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  • 3 years ago
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    Go to your state's DMV site, read any info available. There are processes in place for this type of situation, but rules vary by state. For sure I would look into getting a notarized bill of sale from the seller, with their full name, address, etc, vehicle info, and have them note their history of ownership, date and how the they acquired the vehicle.

    Also since this vehicle is not even running so not sure if that comes into play, ie what if it needs to be inspected by the some state office or authorized shop?

    might work.

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    no idea if this helps, but here it is.

  • 3 years ago

    Let me stress what others have said- it depends on the state in which it is sold!

    Secondly consider going to There are concerns who can "provide a title" for financial consideration. But they do have a need for paper work of some kind. Contact one of them before buying the car.

    Lastly having a VIN run for an old car is difficult. But there is a way to have even out of date VIN's checked for theft.

    Many states have "restoration" title services, check out the conditions which exist in your state if such a service is provided.

  • Poppy
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    3 years ago

    This will be tough. The owner/ seller needs to get one. You buying it without it means you are buying a paperweight. It will take more money and time to get one than the car would be worth after you get it done.

  • nt
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    3 years ago

    Muscle car experts know little about title replacement.

    Bottom line is in many states, old cars do not need or come with titles. My state no longer issues them for anything older than I think 75. a

    When buying a car that old you all you can do is hope its not stolen. The cops can tell you if its been reported stolen or not.

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  • 3 years ago

    What state?

  • D J
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    3 years ago

    Do not buy anything without a title, PERIOD.

  • Scott
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    3 years ago

    Do you think obtaining a title for a muscle car is somehow different than for a Toyota or Buick? It's all the same process, and the laws in your mystery location are what governs the process.

  • 3 years ago

    Tell the seller you will buy if it is their property and they can get you a duplicate title to show that. If they can not it may be stolen so move on.

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