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Was my mom teasing me?

I was upstairs in my bedroom watching TV when my step mother yelled “Lets go so we will not be late”. Trying to stall for time, I said “I’m coming”. She said “Don’t get it on the sheets. That makes them sticky.

Oh My God, she thought I was j - -king off. I did not know she knew I did that. She has a wonderful sense of humor so I hope she was joking. I love and adore her. She is the best mom any guy can have. Does that mean she is OK with it and I don’t have to hide from her when I do it in the future? Do I have a cool mom or what? I did not know women knew guys did this. Do all women know about it?

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    Yes you have a cool mom. Although she was having you on, she does know you masturbate

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    3 years ago

    Yes, all women know about it, and yes, your mom is very cool for her attitude on it. And really, you HAVE to think of just how much women masturbate too. You're not the only one.

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