Grizabella role - Cats?

Hi I've just been cast as Grizabella in Cats and I was wondering what appearances she makes in the musical? Basically, I think she has lines in the first song, the song 'Memory' at the end, and 'Grizabella the Glamour Cat', so I know she is onstage for those parts of the musical. However, I was wondering if she would be offstage the rest of the time or in the background, similar to in the first song? Thanks.


Sorry, also in the movie I thought she sings 'Memory' at the end of Act 1 and then fully at the end of Act 2 but I think that in the production that we are doing, the song memory is only at the end - is that normal?:)

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  • Cogito
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    3 years ago
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    As you seem to be doing a schools/community theatre version, there's no way to tell.

    You'd need to look at the full score and ask your director, as he'll decide that.

  • Jay R
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    3 years ago

    You were cast in a part that you have little knowledge of? You'd better start doing your studying, girl.

  • 3 years ago

    As Cogito says, schools productions may be different. An old colleague of mine was in Cats playing the role of Grizabella and posted her quick change on facebook (showing makeup changes only). She didn't mention if she had a named role, but I suspect that she was one of the minor cats joining in with the rest of the company when she wasn't playing her main role.

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