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Why do Trinitarians say they have known God through Jesus Christ if Jesus is their God?

Most Trinitarians believe Jesus is their God. Do you share the same belief?

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    Most feel that God is a mystery, and isn't really meant to be understood. The Bible though, shows that Christ and God(whose name is 'Jehovah') aren't the same individual. Here's just a few examples.

    When Jesus came up from the water after being baptized, holy spirit descended upon him and Jehovah spoke from Heaven, declaring Jesus as His son. (Matthew 3:13-17) Also, on another occasion when Jesus was transfigured, Jehovah spoke again to Jesus' disciples, telling them to listen to His son. (Mark 9:2-7) If Jesus were Jehovah these declarations would have been useless, considering Jesus himself could declare that they should listen to him, or that he approved his own actions.

    When Jesus ascended to Heaven after his death, Jehovah awarded him with kingly power, and exalted him to a higher position. Later on, Jesus will hand this authority back to Jehovah. (1 Corinthians 15:20-28) If Jesus were Jehovah Himself then he would already have the title of 'God Almighty'. So how can one have a position that is higher than absolute power? Also if he were Jehovah, the exchange of power would also make no sense, since he'd literally be only giving power to himself.

    Another thing to consider is Jesus' way of teaching. Being a perfect instructor, if he were equal to Jehovah wouldn't it have made more sense to compare his relationship with him to be more of like siblings than a father and son? And wouldn't he teach people that he was God, and not His son, as many had heard? (Matthew 27:54)

    Source(s): New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures,
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    Why so uneducated and unchristian?

    Why do people not understand such a simple concept and the way BAD Christian sects and cults are so against it?!

    God the father - THE ONLY GOD!!!!!!!

    The SON OF GOD - JESUS and NOT god.

    The Holy Ghost - the SPIRIT of GOD - therefore it is of God not a different God!

    CHRISTIAN – A follower or believer in Jesus Christ.

    Sadly people like you prove why Christianity has been split into over 39,500 different denominations, sects and cults setting Christian against Christian and Christians against everyone else!

    God's work? Hardly!

    It must be the Devil and the Antichrist working together to divide, conquer and destroy Christianity from the inside!

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    They're confused already, don't make it worse for them by asking them to explain the trinity.

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    Of course. This is what Christians believe, and, I am Christian, so.....

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    Jesus isn't God. Jesus is God's perfect son. EVERY person knows the difference between a father and a son. Why do y'all idiots keep saying that Jesus is his dad? THEY'RE NOT THE SAME! Just look up.

    See that sky at night? That darkness with all the stars trapped in it? That Is The God. The Father of The Trinity. The Almighty Creator that is The Universe.

    See all those stars? Those are His sons. Hence we call them, suns. And out of ALL of those stars is one, JUST ONE, perfect son. One who's judgement outweighs that of The Father, God Almighty Himself. If you prove your faith in him, he'll be your savior, and lead you to where you belong, after life.

    He is not God. He is God's perfect servant. The engineer that writes the fabric of time. Lord and savior. Not The King above all other kings.

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