Driving: how to avoid migrains from bumps in the road?

Hello I am from belgium and we are famous for our horrible roads (lowest bidder and stuff). I have to drive two hours a day with a car that seems to make everything louder and harder than it already is. Speed bumps, speed limits, uneven cement roads, lines, holes, people braking all the time... it is giving me a, tremendous headache! By the time I'm almost there I almost have to cry and lower my speed to avoid more shaking of my brain. It makes me want to scream, or vomit, I don't know. It is ruining my life. Any tips?

3 Answers

  • The London method is to sit on a copy of the South London Press. It prevents migraines, travel sickness and car anxiety. I don't know if De Standaard has the same effect.

  • Slick
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    3 years ago

    Perhaps you could share a ride with some one else or with a group of people in a van

    type arrangement. You might even be able to sleep in the back.

  • 3 years ago

    Books on tape or a favorite playlist of music to take your mind off the inconveniences of the drive. Reframe your outlook on the hour's drive as down time instead of something you have to suffer through.

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