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Which smartphone should I buy?

I can't decide between the IPhone 7, IPhone 8, or the Samsung Galaxy S9. Battery life and a good camera are probably the most important features to me. Any advice or personal experience is really helpful. Thanks!

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    3 years ago

    I'd get the iPhone 8 among those options.

  • chorle
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    3 years ago

    Maybe none if you current phone is less than 4 years old and still working.

    My wife seems happy with her iPhone 8 but I am unhappy that her 6 has cracked screen so I didn't T-Mobile didn't give me the second one free so I didn't transfer my number from Project Fi and now have a new iPod touch (wife's old phone) instead of a new iPhone 8.

    I started buying smartphones that cost under $400 when the Galaxy series stopped having removable batteries but would consider the iPhone 8 or Galaxy S8 if I decided $15 a month for insurance was better than $10 a month if I go over my data plan and I get the second phone free but my LG Nexus 5x is still working

  • 3 years ago

    Avoid all Iphone, unless you enjoy wasting money on tat.

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