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Why do we still have so much military interventionism when the very thing it existed for no longer exists?

the soviet union dissolved and all these other countries can pay for their own militaries.

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    our military, and especially our Navy, is what guarantees free navigation on the world's oceans. Free navigation is essential to cheap world trade and that, in turn, is essential to your first world life style.

    There is also the emotional appeal of opposing dictators and near dictators ... the Chinas and Russias and Irans of the world. We have this emotional attachment to individual freedoms and representative government -- somehow, it seems that most of these dictatorial regimes are also bullies and regularly interfere in the affairs of their neighbors [Nepal, Ukraine, Syria, Lebanon come to mind. as well as Kosovo and Serbia].

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    If the U.S. didn't have a strong military, China and Russia would want to grab more territory. Terrorist groups would as well.

  • The military industrial complex realized trying to fight governments like the USSR was a problem because those governments will eventually no longer be around, so they made up a vague, nebulous term called "terrorism" and had us go to war with that instead.

    The great thing about the war on terrorism is that because it is so vague, it never ends. We can apply it to anything we want at any time. We have boots on the ground in Syria and Somalia with no Congressional declaration of war, but put there using legislation relating to the war on terrorism implemented during the Bush era.

    Anyone, anywhere, at anytime can be labeled as a "terrorist". That's what makes it great. It's a war that never ends.

    It's the wet dream of the military industrial complex.

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    In my opinion it is about control and "policing" the world. Also the US involvement in Middle East is mostly to milk the rich countries like saudi, UAE by Iranophobia. another thing is the survival of Israel. US even accept a bankrupt state like Michigan but still aid Israel 180 million dollars every single day! !

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    are you sure that's the reason it existed?

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