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Why do Asians breed so much?

1 billion in China. Thats more than all western countries combined. Now that is ridiculous. No way they will acheive first world living standards.

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    To my knowledge they don't "breed".

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    Have you been to China? I have (Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai). Those are cities with high living standards. In fact they are cleaner and better maintained than many US cities. And you do know that China is second only to the US in GDP output don't you? In fact, they stand first in the world in PPP (price purchasing parity) which is a more realistic index that takes the costs of living into account.

    My point, China is already a first world. ANS.

  • Not enough socialism and too much nationalism.

    Nationalists generally look at short term solutions. More people will improve the economy. More people means more soldiers!.

    Socialists take a longer view.

    Which is why China's population exploded when the Nationalists had finally expelled the foreigners and established peace. It was only when the Socialists actually could plan for a future that they started decreasing the birth rate through both punitive measures as well as incentives such as a secure retirement and monetary system.

    I find it odd that you focus on China, which has made drastic cultural changes, yet ignore the countries which did not. Countries such as Syria, which doubled its population not once, but twice in forty years.

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    I understand that they do not have much in the way of leisure time diversions. Their television companies do not broadcast much of interest, and outdoor activities are not encouraged, therefore they indulge in the natural way of pleasure.

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    Stupid and fascist is no way to go through life.

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