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would a barometer work in my kitchen?

we cook alot and the windows fog up and we had a cuckoo clock in there and it would stop due to the rise in humidity.

I was thinking about placing a barometer in my kitchen would it work?

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    A barometer measures air pressure. Unclear what you expect that to do. Certainly it would work in your kitchen, or anywhere else in the world.

    A Hygrometer measures the relative humidity of the air. Perhaps that is what you mean? but it only measures it, it doesn't change it.

    A de-humidifier removes humidity from the air, perhaps that is what you mean? but those are limited in what they can do, and if you have openings like doorways to other rooms or to the outdoors they are not very effective.

    I think you need more ventilation, perhaps an exhaust fan to remove the humid air from your kitchen and exhaust it to the outdoors.

    And move the clock to a different room, you are damaging it.

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    Yes it measure air pressure which is not anything to do with heat or steam.

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